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New School Audio is all about learning and using what works in the REAL world, not a spec sheet.  Tell us your thoughts on your favorite piece of equipment, or your most hated.  All we ask is that you be brutally honest about what you are reviewing so others can make an informed decision when looking for gear.

All reviews should be no longer than 300 words and shouldn’t include any web links. Before submitting your review please try to ensure you are submitting a review of a product which has not already been reviewed on New School Audio. If the product has already been reviewed in the past then please add your thoughts in the comments section.

For a better understanding of the type of content/format we are looking for please take a look at some of our current reviews.

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Submitting a Product Comparison

All product comparisons should be between 500 and 1000 words in length, contain at least 2 products, and should be a helpful product comparison review surrounding the topic of recording, live sound, and music.

We take the time to read all submissions and will review each one personally so please allow around 48 hours to see your published content. If your review/comparison is deemed to be unsuitable then we will contact you directly and ask you to amend it. Please note that we will only pay you for a successfully approved review and/or comparison. All payments are made within 24 hours of your publication.

New School Audio will pay you $15.00 for a review and $20.00 for a product comparison.

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