Samson CH700 Studio Headphones Review

Samson CH700 Studio Headphones | Kyle F.

Samson’s CH700 closed-back studio headphones offer a low-cost option for anyone in the market for a good pair of dynamic headphones for home or studio use. The CH700s are an excellent choice for casual listening and even some monitoring applications in studio settings. The CH700s feature:

  • 40mm Mylar drivers
  • Wide frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance: 64 ohms
  • SPL:108 dB at 1kHz +/- 3db

The padded, adjustable headband and light-weight design is intended to increase comfort for listening during longer sessions. The CH700’s full-sized, closed-ear design fills the entire ear with a wall of sound and isolates your ears from ambient noise while extending low frequencies and reducing the chances of sound leakage that can be picked up during live recordings.  Samson’s CH700 studio headphones come with a tangle-resistant cord that terminates at a 1/8-inch TRS stereo connector.  The headphones are also packaged with a ¼-inch adapter.

The sound quality on the CH700s is pretty good, an excellent option for the price.  They offer very good reproduction of sound without being too boomy on the bottom end or too thin on top.  They offer a pretty flat response, which is what you need for studio monitoring.  And they come with a three year manufacturer’s warranty, which is quite advantageous.  At that price point, I wouldn’t worry too much about damaging them, but it’s good to know that the parts and labor are covered for the first three years.  The padding on the headband is sufficient and the ear cups are large enough to fit comfortably over my ears without causing any real discomfort, aside from the typical complaints I tend to have after wearing headphones – any headphones – for an extended period of time.

I reviewed Behringer’s HPS3000 Studio Headphones and while they were solid headphones for casual use, they were nowhere near studio quality phones.  The CH700s offer a bit more integrity – a higher quality of sound and better isolation.  If I had the extra ten bucks to spend, I would definitely choose these over the HPS3000s. Samson’s quality is more consistent across the board with its products.  And the CH700s are no different.  You can find the Samson CH700 Headphones on Musician’s Freind for around $30, and for casual listening or a home studio, the CH700s are a great choice.
Samson CH700 Studio Headphones

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