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PreSonus AudioBox Studio Review | Jamie S.

PreSonus 1 Box is a complete recording solution.  Packaged in an embossed metal box, the PreSonus is basically retailing a studio in a box, fully equipped with  AudioBox  the portable, USB-powered 2-channel audio/MIDI interface and user-friendly Studio One Artist Recording and Production software.  Capture sound with the M7 condenser microphone and listen to your mix with HD7 high-definition headphones.  The PreSonus 1 Box also comes with Computer Recording Made Easy Quick Start Guide to walk you through the minimum requirements for your Mac or PC, setup and installation, and instructions on how to use the PreSonus 1 Box for studio and live recording.


The AudioBox is a good tool for those serious about producing quality recordings, whether musicians, producers, or podcasters.  The 2-channel audio/MIDI interface features a quality microphone preamplifier and pro level 24-bit converters. Powered via USB by your PC or Mac, this compact interface boasts 48V phantom power, a 44.1kHz (CD quality) / 48kHz (DVD quality) sampling rate, two combination microphone/instrument inputs, headphone jack with adjustable volume and a computer-to-interface connection cable.

PreSonus AudioBox Front

Studio One Artist Software

Studio One Artists offers the flexibility of being a fully-loaded digital audio workstation, capable of creating studio-quality output while being easy enough for beginners to master quickly. There was very little guessing involved when I used Studio One.  I’ve used simple programs like Cakewalk / Sonar and I’ve used DAWs for which I paid a hefty tuition to learn.  Studio One was extremely simple.  I didn’t get lost in endless options and menus.  I was able to quickly find the functions and tools I needed and I could figure everything else out from there.  Audio clips and MIDI files were easy to load and save and I liked the fact that effects were drag and drop.  Not super sophisticated, but sometimes you’re in the mood for simple and effective.

Studio One automatically configures to the 1 Box interface and has an easy-to-learn MIDI mapping system.  The software comes with 25 Native Effect 32-bit effects and virtual instrument plug-ins plus another 4GB of additional software, loops and instruments.

PreSonus AudioBox Studio One Software Screenshot

HD7 Headphones

The HD7s by PreSonus are high-definition quality headphones built to withstand the rigors of frequent use.  They offer a semi-open sound chamber to deliver full-bottomed low frequencies.  And they did that well. But I had a problem with the isolation.  If I’m doing even casual studio work, I use Sennheiser HD280s and they offer a relatively flat response with full ear cups to keep noise out and music in.  The HD7s lacked noticeably in the area of  isolation, but offered a good, full sound without too much coloring of the sound that was coming through the headphones.  They are a pretty decent set of headphones to use for mixing, monitoring and tracking, but I wouldn’t call them high-quality studio headphones.   They are lightweight and comfortable with high resolution neodymium drivers, a precision-tuned acoustic chamber and an 8-foot single-side cable.

 PreSonus AudioBox HD7 Headphones

M7 Condenser Microphone

Most every professional studio has condenser microphones in regular use.  The condenser microphone is especially good for capturing the color, tone, harmonics and subtle nuances of the sound being produced.  The M7 is a, large-diaphragm, high-definition condenser microphone, phantom powered via AudioBox USB. It comes equipped with a stand adapter, 10-foot cable and cloth travel bag.  The M7 does a great job of warming up the sound of your vocals, particularly for mid-range female vocals down to tenor males. The highs are captured well but I would love to hear them captured and sounding a little fuller before the processing starts. All in all, the M7 is a solid microphone for the price of this bundle.

PreSonus AudioBox M7 Microphone

The full version of the PreSonus 1 Box retails for about $250 and for a comprehensive, all-in-one project recording setup, it’s a pretty good buy and does the job well.

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PreSonus AudioBox Connections Map

PreSonus AudioBox Connection Map

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