News From Winter NAMM 2012 Day 1: Behringer

Behringer Going Digital?

Behringer unveiled a few products for the  live sound arena, the Digital Snake S16, the Eurolive B115MP3 and the iNuke NU4-6000

All new stuff from Behringer, like NEW new stuff. The Digital Snake 16 will be Behringers first foray into digital live sound (that was worth anything anyway).  I’m interested to see how this digital snake stands up to other more “quality” brands.

The Eurolive B115mp3 looks like its going to be a hulked out version of their other, less featured self powered stick speakers.  the Eurolive will come with built in wireless receivers, mp3 player, and 2 mic inputs, and some other optional stuff.  I’m exited to see the price for this thing, as the same thing from Anchor Audio runs around $1500.  The Anchor does have a built in battery and you can hook up another speaker to it for a matching set, which the Behringer seems to be lacking.

The iNuke NU4-6000 caught my eye as it looks to be an extremely versatile amp with several different configurations to choose from.  Behringer is trying to show of the fact that you can run your mains and monitors from one NU4-6000 amp, but I wouldn’t try to put a full band through it.  But who knows, maybe I’m just a cynic and it will be awesome… if only they could do something about that “Behringer” badge….

I will definitely be taking a closer look at these new offerings from Behringer when they hit the shelves.


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