Native Instruments TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 DJ Interface Review

Native Instruments AUDIO 2 DJ Interface | Ryan C.

Native Instruments has imagined the TRAKTOR Audio 2 DJ Interface – big sound from a small piece of equipment.

TRAKTOR Audio 2 is described as super-compact and that’s the super truth.  It’s a bus-powered interface with two ¼-inch line/headphone outputs, for easy use with a mixer or PA system. It features 24-bit / 96kHz AD/DA converters offering good sound quality, and is designed to be connected directly to your computer with the USB 2.0 cable included in your package.  And the front panel is equipped with ‘Audio Present’ LEDs for use in a dark club or room.

TRAKTOR Audio 2 has low latency drivers, a wide frequency response and high-gain output levels. It comes with Traktor LE, the Traktor Pro demo and Kore Player.

The TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 DJ is billed as a high-quality mobile audio interface made specifically for DJs performing at any level, from beginner to seasoned scientist.  I put the TRAKTOR Audio 2 DJ Interface to the test – a live setting, and I have mixed feelings about its performance.

Native Instruments TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 DJ interface top

For one thing, the interface isn’t equipped with a recording feature, which isn’t an absolute deal-breaker.  Don’t get me wrong.  But the lack of any sort of timecode control feature certainly limits its appeal and marketability in the DJ community.  The sound quality of the unit is pretty good.  It produced a nice quality of sound for the relatively small gathering for which I provided the music (wouldn’t exactly call it DJing) and quite a bit of it for such a small card. I can certainly see it being an adequate piece of equipment for a large night club. I like that it works well with Windows 7 64-bit OS.  Between my laptop and the Native TRAKTOR Audio 2, there isn’t a whole lot I have to carry and the Audio 2’s layout is unassuming, very simple. No bells and whistles, which I like.  The price is very reasonable.  If you’re in the market for something simple and straightforward, the Audio 2 may be an interface you’d like to consider.

Native Instruments TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 DJ interface USB

On the other hand, the interface is a bit unstable and unreliable.  I had several instances of sound dropping out and while I’ve not yet ironed out the specific trigger, there can be a few culprits. My prime suspect is that despite the fact that this product is aimed at portable use, the plastic construction doesn’t seem very durable.  The USB connection is finicky. Even just messing around with it on my own, I’ve had sound cut-out when the USB cable is shifted, bumped or even touched.

Native Instruments TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 DJ Interface and Software

Native Instruments TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 DJ interface On Screen

For the price, you’re definitely getting a decent sound card that packs a lot of power. But I wouldn’t say that the Native Instruments TRAKTOR Audio 2 is anything more than a good piece for aspiring deejays to get started, learn the craft and get some practice in front of family and friends.  You’ll definitely need to upgrade.  Soon.

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