MXL USB.008 USB Condenser Hands on Review

MXL USB.008 Review

Marshall has created its MXL line of condenser microphones with the express goal of providing quality, multi-purpose products at budget prices.  MXL’s Studio 1, USB.008 and USB .009 microphones are prime examples of good solutions for any broadcaster or podcaster in the market for an affordable microphone that performs well and delivers consistently.

Now, I identified all three microphones as broadcast microphones and while they do make great broadcast microphones, they do have qualities that serve well in other vocal and instrumental applications.  All three USB microphones are bus-powered cardioid condenser microphones that are easily USB 2.0 and 1.1 compatible with both your PC and Mac. There are no special drivers, phantom power, or installation software needed.  Just plug and capture.


With a wider frequency range (20Hz to 20kHz) than the Studio 1, Marshall’s MXL USB.008 cardioid condenser microphone is designed to provide even more solutions to your audio needs. In addition to its use for podcasting, voice-overs and vocals, the MXL USB.008 also works well for broadcasting and instrumental recording applications.  Its 32mm condenser capsule offers superb audio quality without the use of preamps, mixers of other gear.

The USB.008 is a 16-bit / 44.1kHz and 48kHz large diaphragm microphone that smoothes and fattens your lower frequencies while keeping higher frequencies crystal clear.   Like the Studio 1, the MXL USB.008 has a flat frequency response to provide a natural-sounding reproduction of the sound source.  And its plug and play capabilities work well on both PC and Mac with no issues at all.

I liked this microphone a bit better than the Studio 1.  It offers a warmer tone quality, though I think the Studio 1 does a better job with reproducing higher frequencies, for my particular voice and the vocal work that I do, the USB.008 suits me better and makes my voice sound fuller.  I did prefer the headphone feature that the Studio 1 offered, but getting along without it is not that big of a deal.  I just plugged my own right into my PC headphone jack and was fine.  Not much latency at all.

You can get the MXL USB.008 for right around $100, and you’ll probably find it cheaper than the MXL Studio 1.

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Marshall MXL USB.008 polar pattern and frequency response

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