MXL USB.006 USB Condenser Hands on Review

MXL USB.006 USB Review

Marshall has created its MXL line of condenser microphones with the express goal of providing quality, multi-purpose products at budget prices. The MXL USB.006 mono USB and USB.007 stereo USB microphones are prime examples of good solutions for any broadcaster or podcaster in the market for an affordable pair of USB microphones that perform well and deliver consistently.

Marshall’s MXL USB.006 and USB.007 USB microphones are bus-powered using just your PC or Mac and each microphone is packaged with its own stand, holder, a foam windscreen and cloth travel case. They come pre-packaged with some MXL V88 shipments but can be purchased individually at many online retailers for around $100.

MXL .006

The MXL USB006 is a full-sized cardioid condenser microphone with a flat frequency response for a more honest reflection of the sound source.  I like that the MXL USB.006 is a plug and play USB microphone so there were no worries about hooking it up to a mixer or enabling any phantom power sources.  I plugged right into a USB port in the front of my PC and it worked right off the bat. There was no software to use or anything like that.  I use Skype quite a bit and the MXL USB.006 works well for use in that application.  The USB.006 comes with a desktop microphone stand so I was able to get completely set up in under a minute.  Ideally, this microphone is for broadcast use so if you’re buying it for podcasting, it’s a good choice. If you’re picking it up for everyday use (like Skype) because you don’t have built-in microphone in your PC or laptop (like me), I’d say you could likely find a more convenient option at a cheaper price.

The MXL USB.006 is USB 1.0 and 2.0 compatible.  It contains a 22mm capsule and gold-sputtered diaphragm.  It has a pretty wide frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz and even has a 3-position, switchable attenuation pad making it a good choice for most any sound source. The MXL .006 offers 44.1kHz (CD quality) and 48kHz (DVD quality) sample rates.  In addition to the desktop stand, the MXL .006 comes with a carrying case and a 10-foot USB cable.  The microphone has a red LED light inside the grill to indicate USB power and a 3-position (low, med, high) input attenuator.   You can get the MXL USB.006 for under $100.

Marsahl MXL USB.006 with case and stand

Marshall MXl USB.006 Specifications:


Marshall MXL USB.006 Pollar Pattern and Frequency Response

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