Marshall MXL 604 Microphone Review

Marshall MXL 604 Condenser Microphone

Marshall’s MXL line offers a fine selection of condenser microphones, each designed with specific goals in mind.

If you’re in the market for a superb pencil microphone, the MXL 604 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone that comes equipped with transformerless FET circuitry, -10dB switchable attenuation pad, a gold diaphragm capsule design, low frequency roll-off, and interchangeable cardioid and omnidirectional capsules (which can be used with the MXL 603s) for increased versatility.

The capsule is a 16.75mm diameter diaphragm in a 20.5mm housing, originally featured on the 603 condenser microphone.  The 604 is a great performer for the price.  The MXL 604 comes with a mounting clip, foam windscreen and is shipped in a velvet-wrapped tray encased snuggly in a latched wooden storage box.

The MXL 604 is a phantom-powered microphone designed for versatility.  Its low self-noise level of 18dBA, allows it to be used in vocal settings without incident and its slim design gives it the added benefit of being easily placed in a variety of recording situations without being noticed. The interchangeable 20mm gold capsules affords the 604 the luxury of being used not just as a vocal microphone, but for percussion and instrumental recording, as well as picking up ambient room sounds, depending on which capsule is in use.  The 604 is a dynamic microphone that can capture bright, rich highs without making them sound tinny, then provide a warm fullness to lows while minimizing rumbling.

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