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M-Audio Audiophile 192 Review | Tom J.

M-Audio’s Audiophile 192 represents the company’s Delta line of audio cards quite well.  A high-definition stereo audio card with 24-bit/192kHz fidelity, the Audiophile 192 features digital input/output, balanced analog input/output and an impressive signal-to-noise ratio.  M-Audio’s Delta line has built its reputation on designing cards with reliable 64-bit audio drivers that work seamlessly with your Mac and PC programs.

The Audiophile 192 features 2 analog I/O that accepts and sends audio via ¼-inch TRS jacks, S/PDIF digital I/O with 2-channel PCM for CD quality sound, SCMS copy protection control that allows recording devices to record audio data, 16-channel MIDI I/O and ASIO, WDM, GSIF 2 and Core Audio driver support for compatibility with most applications.  M-Audio’s Audiophile 192 comes with Ableton Live Lite for immediate music production functionality.

M-Audio’s got a great track record for high-performing audio cards, including the 2496 – one of the most popular sound cards on the market.  The Audiophile 192 sits amongst dozens of other sound cards but stands out as an exceptional choice for anyone who is concerned at all about the sound that comes out of their computer.

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Installation of the card itself was pretty painless. It’s completely functional with Windows XP – no issues, conflicts, crashes, lag, latency or misses in performance.  It’s advisable to go ahead and download the latest drivers, even before you install the card so that you’re sure you have the most up to date information available for optimal audio card performance.

If you have any questions as to whether the Audiophile 192 is compatible with your music production software, you can simply contact the manufacturer directly and they’re pretty good about issuing quick responses so that you can make a sound decision when you’re ready to make that decision.

My experience with M-Audio has been good overall.  I’ve worked with a couple of their products including my Oxygen 49 MIDI controller.  Speaking of, the slight latency I experienced with MIDI before I installed the Audiophile 192 has been resolved.  There’s no audible latency between any of my interfaces and DAWs.   That alone is worth the price of admission.

The Audiophile 192 retails for around $200.  So for probably less than $200 you can get your entire recording and production setup working seamlessly, making the Audiophile 192 absolutely worth the investment.

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