Lexicon MX200 Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor Review

Lexicon MX200 Review | Dustin S.

Lexicon’s MX200 Dual Reverb / Effects processor brings to market a flexible, reliable processor, perfect for studio or live applications. The MX200 is a 24-bit, 48kHz rack mount with two ¼-inch TRS inputs, two 1/4-inch TRS outputs and S/PDIF I/O.  The MX200 offers a well-designed front panel layout including controls for Input Level, Effects Mix, Audition, Balance, Configuration, Tap and Tempo.  With four routing configurations available – dual mono, cascade, dual stereo and mono split – you can run two reverbs or effects simultaneously.

Musicians, producers, engineers, and home recording aficionados have access to instant control with the MX200. It offers the wide range and depth of a dedicated effects processor. The MX200 provides USB connectivity with VST and AU plug-in software, lending it the functionality of a hardware plug-in within any compatible DAW.  Also, it offers a pretty nice selection of 32 reverbs, delays, effects and dbx dynamics, lending itself to extreme versatility with the richness Lexicon is known for offering.  All effects are easily accessible via front panel knobs and buttons.  And automatic recall – don’t forget the automatic recall feature.

You can program up to 99 custom effects in addition to the 99 factory presets already available.  Choose from popular effects like chorus, chambers, flange, tremolo, plates, slap rotary and tape-type delays.

Lexicon MX200 Front

Lexicon MX200 Front NewSchoolAudio.com

The MX200 is a pretty versatile instrument.  As a live player, I get called in for a variety of different guitar projects, from jazz gigs at some historic hole in the wall to outdoor festivals, so I’ve been able to use the MX200 in a variety of applications.  Now, I will say that the deal would be that much sweeter if the MX200 were a stompbox instead of a rack mount, but as far as the flexibility of playing, I can just as easily do Pat Metheny and John Scofield as I could Derrick May or Juan Atkins.

I’ve also customized some effects that I use specifically for vocals in my home studio and the MX200 works well as a vocal processor, though I’m not quite adventurous enough to test the vocal effects out on stage.  Far more comfortable on guitar.

Lexicon MX200 Back

NewSchoolAudio.com Lexicon MX200 Back

The Lexicon MX200 Stereo/Reverb Effects Processor is easy to use and easily programmable.  Lots of units are on the expensive side, some downright overpriced. The MX200, I got for just under $200.  Inside, I get a great selection of sounds for the price.   All in all, definitely a good product, definitely worth the money.

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