KRK Rokit 5 Studio Monitors Hands on Review

KRK RP5G2 Rokit 5 Review | Dan N.

I learned early on in my musical career that there are few things more important to your final mix than your studio monitors.  You can turn on the radio and hear rather clearly that it’s not really about talent most of the time.  The song may be garbage, but the mix is on point.  So taking the time to do your research and finding a good pair of near-field monitors could make the difference between hearing your song on the radio and never having the song make it out of your basement studio.

The KRK RP5G2 Rokit 5 powered studio monitors are a well-made piece of audio machinery, offering a clean, flat sound for your home studio mixes. Each RP5G2 monitor features a 1-inch neodymium soft dome tweeter with ferro fluid, glass Aramid composite yellow cone woofer, front-firing bass port for low frequency extension and a curved front plate designed to eliminate diffraction distortion.

One of the first things I noticed about the KRK RP5G2 Rokit 5s is that it’s a solid monitor.  Weighing in at more than 13 lbs, the RP5G2 is 11.1” tall x 7.3” wide x 9.1” deep. Each monitor is designed to integrate seamlessly into your current studio setup – whatever it may be – and comes with ¼-inch TRS, 3-pin XLR and RCA connectors.




KRK RP5G2 Rokit 5 Back


The KRK RP5G2 Rokit 5 offer a nice balanced sound – very low distortion and with no coloration.  The specs on the monitor with the 5-inch woofers are very close to the specs on the monitor with the 8-inch woofers, so you lose very little with the smaller size.  The size of the monitors make them perfect for near-field use, so I literally keep them on either side of my computer screen, right on the desktop at about ear level (I’m short)


KRK RP5G2 Rokit 5 Front

Setting up the KRK RP5G2 Rokit 5 set was hassle-free. All the connectors I needed were easily accessed and pretty simple to connect to. My recording space is about 200 square feet – parallel walls so I’ve had to sound treat the room a bit. Sound treating your space goes a long way toward giving you an honest representation of what your mix sounds like.  I know it’s helped significantly in the way my reference monitors sound.  Couple that with the rounded face plate on the RP5G2s and I’ve gotten my hands on a pair of exceptional studio monitors for under $300.  KRK RP5G2 Rokit 5s sound great.

Highly recommended!

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