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Denon DN-HC1000S Review | Jack D.

The life of the DJ is forever evolving.  Certainly one of the more underrated musicians, but that’s an argument for another day. Old school DJs were crate carriers who transporting crates and crates of records – chart toppers, classics, rare grooves, B-sides – from gig to gig.  NO MORE!

Serato’s Scratch Live lightened their load a bit by providing a digital library that can easily be stored on a computer’s hard drive.  Scratch Live has pretty slick features – beat extraction, real time tempo metering, multiple cue and loop points for each track, music library record and archive capabilities, constant free upgrades (VERY cool) and iTunes library integration just to get the list started.  Still, triggering some functions was a bit of work because the trigger sometimes required multiple keys to activate.

Enter the Denon DN-HC1000S Serato USB MIDI Controller / MIDI Sub Controller for SeratoTM Scratch Live.  A simplified controller with an intuitive layout that offers a USB plug and play solution as an easy-to-use hardware controller for all major features and commands of the Scratch Live software system.  The HC1000S has widespread one-touch capabilities.  Use a push button knob to segment or expand loops.  The loop roll function can be controlled the same way and the loop in and out buttons have sensibly been placed right beside the loop on and off button which activates loops that have already been stored.

Denon DN-HC1000S top

No need to slow work speed with worries about overworking the buttons.  The Denon DN-HC1000S is made to last.  Solid construction with a steel body and rubber buttons / rubberized knobs, the HC1000S is absolutely portable weighing in at only 3 lbs and measuring less than 10 inches across.  Dead center on the unit is the area used for loading tracks and toggling between play lists/crates and your library view.  And if your library is well-organized, you can keep the dance floor packed without really having to fuss around at all with your computer.

Denon DN-HC1000S system view

The Denon DN-HC1000s sweetens the pot by softening Scratch Live’s sharp edges – simplifying the features, streamlining functions, making Scratch Live more user friendly overall. Retailing at around $170.00, it’s an inexpensive tool you will get a lot of mileage out of.

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