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The Difference Between Sound Isolation and Insulation

There is a distinct difference between sound isolation and insulation, the same as the difference between water resistant and water proof.  Insulation absorbs frequencies, and isolation keeps them from getting into or out of your recording space. Building a recording studio space in an existing structure limits the amount of sound isolation possible.  A wood […]

What is Audio Mixing?

Audio mixing is a process where multiple recorded sounds are adjusted or combined into one or more audio tracks or channels to create a compound audio recording called a mix.  The objective in creating a mix is to produce a music recording that maximizes appeal for the listeners by the manipulation of the dynamics, signal […]

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What is Audio Mastering?

The Art of Mastering Your Audio Audio mastering is one of the basic post-production components of preparing professional music recordings such an album, radio or television commercial. It can be seen as the final touch to an audio recording that has already been successfully mixed as it is transferred to a data storage device called […]

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What Is A Sound System?

The Audio Signal Even in the hi-tech world today, numerous audio systems of varying types are commonplace in everyday life. Radios and stereos of numerous designs are present in nearly every home and a large number of businesses. A large number of businesses use some form of intercom or paging device. Even our automobiles have […]

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