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Microphone Frequency Response

Learn what a Frequency Response is and how it will help you with microphone selection

Microphone Transient Response

Transient response is the measure of a microphones ability to capture a very sudden sound “attack”. The limitations of a microphones transient response are…

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What is a Wireless Microphone?

A wireless microphone is essentially a scaled down version of a commercial broadcasting system.  The speaker talks into a microphone, the signal is then sent to receivers, and the signal is heard.  In a wireless microphone system the components are miniature versions of commercial equipment, but the same principles still apply.  The transmitter is small […]

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Technical Problems with Wireless Microphones

There is a calculated transmission loss between transmitter and receiver through use of an instrumentation antenna. Less transmitter power is required for…

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Phantom Power

Condenser microphones require power to their amplifiers to work properly. This is achieved by running a DC voltage directly down the microphone cable.

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Balanced and Unbalanced Connections

An unbalanced connection uses two wires; one wire carries the signal, and the other wire in the ground.  A balanced connection is a three wire system, where 2 wires pass signal (positive in one and negative in the other), and the third wire is the shield, or ground. Balanced connections are almost always used with […]

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