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Microphone Frequency Response

Learn what a Frequency Response is and how it will help you with microphone selection
microphone transient response graph

Microphone Transient Response

Transient response is the measure of a microphones ability to capture a very sudden sound “attack”. The limitations of a microphones transient response are...

What is a Wireless Microphone?

A wireless microphone is essentially a scaled down version of a commercial broadcasting system.  The speaker talks into a microphone, the signal is then...

Technical Problems with Wireless Microphones

There is a calculated transmission loss between transmitter and receiver through use of an instrumentation antenna. Less transmitter power is required for...

Phantom Power

Condenser microphones require power to their amplifiers to work properly. This is achieved by running a DC voltage directly down the microphone cable.
balanced and unbalanced xlr connections

Balanced and Unbalanced Connections

An unbalanced connection uses two wires; one wire carries the signal, and the other wire in the ground.  A balanced connection is a three...