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Audio Mixing Console

What is Audio Mixing?

Audio mixing is a process where multiple recorded sounds are adjusted or combined into one or more audio tracks or channels to create a...
microphone transient response graph

Microphone Transient Response

Transient response is the measure of a microphones ability to capture a very sudden sound “attack”. The limitations of a microphones transient response are...

What is Audio Mastering?

The Art of Mastering Your Audio Audio mastering is one of the basic post-production components of preparing professional music recordings such an album, radio or...
Dymanic element diagram

Types of Microphones

Learn about Condenser, Dynamic, Ribbon and Piezoelectric microphones.
Microphone Pickup Pattern Featured

Understanding Microphone Pickup Patterns

The electrical and acoustical characteristics of a microphone determine the quality of performance and usefulness for a specific application.

Microphone Frequency Response

Learn what a Frequency Response is and how it will help you with microphone selection