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sine wave

The Difference Between Sound Isolation and Insulation

There is a distinct difference between sound isolation and insulation, the same as the difference between water resistant and water proof.  Insulation absorbs frequencies,...
Audio Mixing Console

What is Audio Mixing?

Audio mixing is a process where multiple recorded sounds are adjusted or combined into one or more audio tracks or channels to create a...
Digital Graphic Equalizer

What Are Audio Equalizers?

Equalization is a term used to signify a method that adjusts, corrects or modifies the balance of different frequencies within electronic signals.  It is...

Microphone Frequency Response

Learn what a Frequency Response is and how it will help you with microphone selection
microphone transient response graph

Microphone Transient Response

Transient response is the measure of a microphones ability to capture a very sudden sound “attack”. The limitations of a microphones transient response are...
What is Reverb

What is Reverb?

Reverb or reverberation is a term that refers to the persistence of sound that continues because of its interaction with the surrounding environment even...