Boss VE-20 Vocal Effects Processor Hands on Review

Boss VE-20 Vocal Effects Processor | Craig Daniels

Every now and then, a vocalist needs to the stompbox experience.  The Boss VE-20 vocal effects processor is just what the doctor ordered.  For around $250, this light-weight, Boss-tough pedal provides a wonderfully eccentric selection of vocal effects right at any singer’s finger (or toe) tips.  The Boss VE-20 is easy to use and was designed with vocalists in mind.  Simply tap your foot and instantly double, layer, harmonize, pitch-correct, distort, radio, strobe or loop your vocals.  The VE-20 offers 48V phantom power for condenser microphones and is powered using either a PSA-series AC adaptor or six AA batteries.  The VE-20 offers some of the coolest vocal effects technology on the market, suitable for live performances and studio work.

I talked about the sweet simplicity of the Boss DD-3 digital delay pedal for guitarists and whileBoss VE-20 has more features, it offers a certain kind of simple charm to it as well.  Extremely user-friendly and borderline intuitive, the VE-20 requires only that users dial their preferred setting and sing into the microphone.  No programming, no tweaking – just a practical, intuitive pedal that allows users to add more musicality to their performance.

For vocalists who want to customize and create sounds, the Boss VE-20 offers a number of editing tools as well.  The Harmony Factory will allow you to select harmonic intervals, create multi-part stacks and program them to be instantly recalled later.   Or you can fatten your vocals with the Double Track feature.  All features are self-contained right in the VE-20.  There’s no need for a keyboard or DAW (think Vocoder and Melodyne). Just sing and tap.

You can also thicken your vocals with Double Track. Best of all, this BOSS pedal is incredibly easy to use: there’s no need for programming, and you don’t need to input notes from a keyboard as you do with a Vocoder; you simply sing and let the Boss VE-20 vocal pedal do the rest.

Like the RE-20XL Loop Station, the VE-20 comes with the Phrase Looper, allowing you to sing, record, loop, and overdub all right within the Boss VE-20.  You get 38 seconds to record looped and layered phrases and the VE-20 offers the ability to do the same thing in real time in live performance applications.

So for vocal performances that require reverb, distortion, pitch correction and harmonies processed in real time, the Boss VE-20 effects pedal is the one for you!

You can get the Boss VE-20 Vocal Effects Processor for around $250.

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