Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Hands on Review

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay | Craig Daniels

The fine folks at Boss have taken their reputation for building long-lasting, quality audio products that are easy to use and added to their selection the DD-3 Digital Delay.  Equipped with clean effects without the feedback, hissing or overtones, the DD-3 delay pedal offers a crisp audio experience, comparable to a dedicated rack mount delay unit, but at a price that’s affordable.

Users can easily switch between the three delay time modes.  You can make more precise adjustments to effects with the manual Delay Time control which offers continuous delay time option within a range of 12.5ms to 800ms. Repeat the delay for as long as you want with the Hold function.  The D-3 is sleek and its simplicity refreshing. You have what you need without overly complicated features, bells and whistles.

The DD-3 delay pedal is equipped with an input jack, a direct output jack, a main output jack, and a jack for the AC adaptor.  The unit can be powered either by the PSA-Series AC Adaptor or a 9V battery (included)

Fatten up your sounds, adding depth and body by using the longer delay and use shorter delays for more subtle sound doubling and slapback. If you’re in need of something less Green Acres and more New York City, you can choose from among other Boss delays for more features, but when less is more, the DD-3 is a good choice.

The Boss DD-3 Digital Delay can be purchased for just a hair over $100 and comes with the Boss 5-year parts and 90-day labor warranty that’s available for all its pedal products.


Boss DD-3 Digital Delay side


So for you stompbox, guitar pedal users, you soul/rock/funk/jazz/country guitarists, the Boss DD-3 is a terrific choice for an inexpensive, quality simple pedal that gets the job done right every single time.

You can get the Boss DD-3 Delay Pedal for around $145 new, or even as low as $94.00 used!

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