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Behringer PP400 Phono Preamp | Dale C.

For crate diggers like myself, nothing says cool like introducing innocents to records they have neither seen nor heard before.  I do enjoy my role as the resident authority on Ram Jam and Anne Peebles.  But without converting the records to digital files, my mission to enlighten is limited to those lucky enough to receive that invitation into my private audio cave.  Enter the Behringer PP400 phono preamp.

This handy little tool converts phono signal to line level signal, capturing that distinctive phono sound (pops and hisses too, no doubt) like magic.  The Behringer PP400 preamp is ultra – ultra-compact, ultra-low noise, ultra-accommodating of magnetic pickups – and features stereo RCA inputs and outputs in addition to a ¼-inch TRS output jack.  This tiny audio gadget is powered by a 12 V adapter and comes with a helpful User Manual to get you started building your vinyl-to-digital audio catalogue.  Simply plug your turntable into the Behringer PP400 preamp and send a line out to a mixer, receiver or other input and you’re on your way to reaching the masses.

Behringer PP400 Phono Preamplifier

The Behringer PP400 phono preamp offers a good sound too – the signal is transferred clearly and authentically so that I still get the aural experience of listening to records but without being confined to my basement.  There is something very familiar and lovely to me about the sound of vinyl records. I like the low hiss and the quiet pops behind the track.  The PP400 adds a little noise – you do get a bit of a hum, but nothing that’ll cause your descent into madness. Even still, the PP400 seems to lack a bit in the filter on the power supply, which can be a bit of a sticking point and quite possibly reduce your enjoyment of this preamp wonder.  Admittedly, the self-noise isn’t nearly as prominent as it is in similarly-priced products. Experimenting with the ground can help to reduce the hum substantially, but beware – the PP400 come with a warranty and if your ground experiments requires you to detach, cut, or re-engineer something altogether, your warranty will likely bid you farewell, so choose your battles. On the B-side, consider the fact that you can find this preamp on Musician’s Freind and other online retailers for under $25.  If I were you and the hum were getting under my skin, I’d doctor the product and do what’s necessary to turn that hum into a purr.  This one is a go.

Behringer PP400 Phono Preamp Setup Chart

Behringer PP400 setup

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