AKG Perception 120 Condenser Hands on Review

AKG Perception 120 Review

The AKG Perception 120 looks similar to the Perception 420, other than for its blue-tinted grille, and with the same pad and roll-off switches, the Perception 120 is designed for both vocal and instrument use and is based around a cardioid-pattern, 0.66-inch-diameter capsule.

The Perception 120 has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz this time with a sensitivity of 22 mV/Pa (-33 dBV) and a maximum SPL of 150dB with the pad switched in.

The Perception 120’s signal-to-noise ratio is 72dB (A-weighted), but the dimensions and weight are the same as its big brother, the Perception 420.

As a vocal microphone, the 120 resembles the less costly Audio Technica AT2020, in that it sounds nicely warm and slightly compressed, with a high end that’s smooth but not dead.

It doesn’t stray so far from neutral that it becomes a one-trick pony, however, and it should suit a range of voice types, including female vocalists who need to lose a bit of edge and gain a bit of depth.

While the noise, again, isn’t particularly low, it is more than adequate for close microphone techniques and vocal applications.

AKG Perception 120 Front

AKG Perception 120


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