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“As we all know, technology is constantly advancing, constantly changing, and always confusing (at first).  The advancement of technology has made an impact on every aspect of life. Technological advancements have had an impact on the audio industry as well.  What you could only create in a multi-million dollar studio a decade ago, can now be achieved in your basement.  The industry is changing, drifting farther away from professional studios, and into YOUR hands.” 
It is time for a new outlook, a new approach, a New School.
Join us,
– John James | NewSchoolAudio.com 

New School Audio Staff

Finding Your Way Around New School Audio

New School Audio is split up into two main sections; you have the Equipment Reviews and the Audio School:

Equipment Reviews

We try our very best to keep this section up to date with a range of reviews from all of the major Recording, Live Sound, and Instrument manufacturers. We are constantly adding reviews so the site will be able to provide the information that you are looking for. However, if you are unable to find a review of a product you are researching, let us know, and we will review that product Just for you!  Do you have a piece of gear you love (or hate)?  Why not consider submitting one yourself, we pay for ALL successfully approved reviews, find our more on our ‘Submit A Review‘ page.

The New School

The core of New School Audio is to promote beginning or continuing education to anyone interested in the audio industry.  Here you will find techniques, guides, basic to the advanced theory of everything audio.  Again, if you cannot find what you are looking for, let us know, and we will do our best to get you the answers you are looking for.  If you have some knowledge you think could benefit everyone, then check out the ‘Share Your Knowledge’ page.  Remember, we pay for ALL posted content.

We truly hope that you enjoy using this website and find it useful. If you do have any suggestions or content you would like to see, then please feel free to contact us via our email or the form below.

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