Revered producer, engineer and mixer Flood (aka Mark Ellis) is the genius
behind many a classic album, including U2¹s Joshua Tree, The Killers¹ Sam¹s
Town and PJ Harvey¹s Mercury Prize-winning Let England Shake, which he calls
³the sound of Sontronics². He¹s been a fan of the British-designed mics
since being introduced to them by Alan Moulder (with whom he runs Assault &
Battery 2 studio in North London) and since then has been adding to his
Sontronics collection and has become a beta-tester for all new Sontronics

It was the Sontronics ribbon mics that first caught Flood¹s attention. ³I
tried the DELTA and the SIGMA and I fell in love straight away,² he says.
³To be able to get clarity and depth so close to the guitar amp was

When recording PJ Harvey¹s ŒLet England Shake¹ album with John Parish in a
remote church in deepest Dorset, it was Sontronics (based just up the road
in Poole) that Flood turned to. ³For that album we used Sontronics DELTAs on
amps and SIGMAs on Polly and John¹s vocals, brass and ambience. ORPHEUS ws
our go-to mic for anything and everything: vocals, drums, acoustic guitars,
autoharp, ambience and piano.²

After picking up the Mercury Prize last September, Flood said the album ³is
the sound of Sontronics² and goes on to explain: ³The reason I said that was
firstly because the mics were used on so many things but also, more
importantly, because every time we put up a Sontronics mic it gave us
exactly what we wanted: clarity, character, punch and openness.²

Flood has been involved with the beta-testing of all new Sontronics mics for
the past couple of years, as Sontronics MD and mic designer Trevor Coley
expounds: ³We have always put our mics through their paces in studios and
live venues during the design and development process,² says Coley, ³and we
are so proud and honoured that Flood joined our testing team, as we know he
will try the mics on everything, push them to their limits and give his
honest opinion. Anyone who owns or has used our SATURN (multi-pattern
condenser), HALO (dynamic mic for guitars) or drum mics (DM-1B, -1T and ­1S
for kick, tom and snare) should know that they¹ve all been tested to
near-destruction by Flood before being released!²

So, as beta-tester, Sontronics fan and world-renowned producer, what does
Flood have to say about the Sontronics range. ³I use all of them all the
time, be it with Editors, Orbital, Karima Francis or Foals. They¹re great.
All the mics seem to have a lovely natural compression without losing
clarity or detail. And the immediacy of things sounding great without having
to do anything is amazing!²

� Read the full interview with Flood (including some insight into his early
days in the business) here: http://www.sontronics.com/interview_flood.htm


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