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News From Winter NAMM 2012 Day 1: Behringer

Behringer Going Digital? Behringer unveiled a few products for the  live sound arena, the Digital Snake…

Heil Sound Has Just Broken Into the USB Market

Hiel Just unveiled their new USB Mic Preamp, the USBQ, if it’s like their mics, I’m…

Hiel Gear Giveaway!

Heil Sound is giving stuff away! 1- Heil Sound USB microphone preamp adapter 1- Heil Sound…

Sontronics teams up with Audient

This might be a little late, but still good news! Thursday 1st March 2012: BRITISH BRANDS…

Behringer Podcastudio USB Hands on Review

Behringer Podcastudio USB | Jeff M. Between blogging and podcasting, it’s never been easier to become ghetto famous in your own particular niche.  For those who think they have the golden pipes and dynamic on-air personality…

Lexicon MX200 Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor Review

Lexicon MX200 Review | Dustin S. Lexicon’s MX200 Dual Reverb / Effects processor brings to market a flexible, reliable processor, perfect for studio or live applications. The MX200 is a 24-bit, 48kHz rack mount with two…

Boss VE-20 Vocal Effects Processor Hands on Review

Boss VE-20 Vocal Effects Processor | Craig Daniels Every now and then, a vocalist needs to the stompbox experience.  The Boss VE-20 vocal effects processor is just what the doctor ordered.  For around $250, this light-weight,…

Marshall MXL V88 Condenser Hands on Review

Marshall MXL V88 Review Marshall has created its MXL line of condenser microphones with the express goal of providing quality, multi-purpose products at budget prices. The MXL V88 is marketed as a studio and broadcast cardioid…

News From Winter NAMM 2012 Day 1: Behringer

Behringer Going Digital? Behringer unveiled a few products for the  live sound arena, the Digital Snake S16, the Eurolive B115MP3 and the iNuke NU4-6000 All new stuff from Behringer, like NEW new stuff. The Digital Snake…


The Difference Between Sound Isolation and Insulation

There is a distinct difference between sound isolation and insulation, the same as the difference…

What is Audio Mixing?

Audio mixing is a process where multiple recorded sounds are adjusted or combined into one…

Microphone Frequency Response

Microphone Transient Response


Akai Pro LPK25 MIDI USB Keyboard Review

Create melodic and harmonic riffs in seconds, anywhere, with the Akai Pro LPK25 Laptop Performance…

M-Audio Keystation 88ES Hands on Review

M-Audio Keystation 88ES MIDI Controller | Jason S. For a piano player, nothing beats the…

M-Audio Axiom 25 MIDI Keyboard Hands on Review

M-Audio Oxygen 49 49-Key USB MIDI Controller Review

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